Hello Internet!

My name is Dean S I will be the counterpart to Josh. W on this blog. Heres a little bit of information about myself. Im currently at York U, studying Applied Nutrition now in my second year, before that I did some anatomy and life drawings at OCAD,but decided the starving artist route was..well, filled with hunger.

I will be writing about various subjects which can change at any point in time,but generally I will provide mostly opinion pieces or reviews on television culture,and videogames in particular,the niche MMO genre . My other passion is distance running and so I will be discussing the joys of self induced exhaustion from time to time as well.

I will try to be very diligent in my posting and I should have something of substance every week,in the near future expect a full season by season rundown on a couple of popular HBO dramas including Oz,The Wire and Game of Thrones. In my private time I love to read, watch movies and break personal bests in my running. I also love cats. During big breaks, I play computer games like Rift or Star Wars The Old Republic. I love books and writing and im hoping this will be a rewarding endeavor for all involved. 


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